Liberty Tribune: Second Amendment, government spending highlights of Graves’ visit

Kearney, MO – An hour-long town hall meeting Aug. 17 brought discussions of gun violence, trade and government spending between constituents and U.S. Rep. Sam Graves when the Republican stopped at Reece & Nichols real estate agency, 307 S. Jefferson St. in Kearney, during a tour of the 6th District of Missouri.

At the start of the event, Graves updated a crowd of nearly 70 people on potential points of focus for the upcoming congressional session.

Graves said the Second Amendment has come to the forefront as recent gun violence issues, including the shootings of unarmed African-Americans by police and the shootings of officers, have gripped nation.

Some cities, Graves said, have attempted to pass legislation placing high taxes on firearms sales.

“We are blocking all we can,” he said.

Republicans, he said, are also trying to fight executive orders allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the country.

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