Sam Graves

Statement from Sam Graves on Senate Decision

“I want to thank the many Missourians who have reached out to me and asked me to consider running for the United States Senate. I do believe that Missourians deserve to be represented by someone who will oppose Barack Obama’s spending agenda instead of a willing enabler.

I have thought about this opportunity and consulted with friends and family. It was an agonizing decision for me, determining the best way for me to serve and my ability to get there. I believe it is a winnable race for me. However, I also believe that I can have a greater impact on federal policy in the next six years as a Chairman in the House. I am the first Chairman in the history of the Sixth Congressional District and there is much I still want to accomplish in Washington.

This district has always been my home and one that I have gotten to know well over the years. I have represented most of the rural areas since my days in the State Senate. I have family in Platte County, I shop in Buchanan County and I have offices in Clay County. I love representing the Sixth District because I understand it in and out.

It is important to me that Republicans nominate the best possible candidate in 2012. For that reason, I intend to let the field fully form before I issue any endorsement. Control of the Senate will be up for grabs and Missourians must do our part.”

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